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About us

We are ZiggyAmore

Committed to you and your success

We listen to you. We want to understand your vision.
We want to hear where you’ve been,
what’s worked and what hasn’t.
By learning your story, we will have an idea of where you want to be and more importantly;
Help you make it happen!
With you from beginning to end

with love.

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The team

linda cowgill

writer / co-founder

Since the beginning of her career, Linda has always focused her talents on you, the client, and your customer experience. With a multi-industry background in hotels, vacation rentals, corporate travel, high-end fashion retail, employee medical benefits, and dental office operations, Linda strives to make your copy and content shine a positive light on you as well as your overall business.

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lee antle

manager / co-founder

Lee is your creative business and personal manager with a holistic approach. He will listen and wants to see your vision in totality. His love of the creative arts process began early in life. He studied violin, electric guitar and sound production. Lee has always loved photography and experimented in the darkroom as a student. After a decade of dedicated work as VP and operations consultant to over one hundred different nonprofits, he poured his business knowledge and love of the arts into ZiggyAmore. While travelling, Lee has created compelling photo pictorials (available at

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the best ideas start with love.  ziggyamore

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In the beginning, honest group collaboration is essential  

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The best collaborative ideas are researched and implemented through a process of mutual implementation. 

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from the garden to the world

Enough cannot be said about the importance of a seamless distribution program to compliment creative work.    

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"Cool groovy vibes are behind every successful project." ZiggyAmore Ent.