"Welcome! We are a new concept in online business and it began from a simple idea; provide the highest quality products and services to our amazing clients and treat them with the respect they deserve. We are small and flexible and plan on staying that way. As a result, we have grown from a simple consulting firm and have branched out into other areas of interest in a very short period of time. Find out what our loyal customers have known for over four years, we truly love what we do and enjoy sharing the vibe. :0)"
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Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

ZiggyAmore was created as a consulting firm in 2012. It also served as a means to keep my organizational skills fresh.  We still serve a small number of clients as we grow larger.  We began repairing old Bell & Howell projectors as a way to raise cash flow.  This projector was our first sale.

Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

This is a 1970's Vista V921GR concept model. Very little is known about this guitar except that the body made from pressed wood fiber. Note: This is not the Fender Squire Vista and it is quite heavy.

Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

We began repairing and selling guitars in 2013.  I really liked this as it allowed me to resume playing guitar on a regular basis.  Our first sale is above.  It was a beatiful Paracho Elite Classical ( made in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico ) that simply needed the neck reset.  

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The photo above has become the face of Lee Martin Antle music. It is the result of a self-portrait assignment for a photography class in high school. I create compositions as an independent musical and visual artist. Touch or click the photo to check it out. My style is an experimental mix of Electronic Blues, Jazz and Rock. I like groovy tracks that can keep you company on long road trips and train commutes. I also like to turn up the amps and Rock with a heavy back beat.  Check out our work by going to our Music page and have a little fun!  Hey! maybe even honor us with a purchase. That would be really cool! Thanks.

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Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

What is ZiggyAmore Enterprises? ZiggyAmore is an innovator, a problem solver, a survivor. ZiggyAmore loves adventure. ZiggyAmore also supports charitable programs that help young people become successful. Millions of people are out there of all ages, wealth, ideologies and social status. ZiggyAmore has served many of them with respect and appreciation, whether they received idea's from us or simply purchased items from us. ZiggyAmore Enterprises is here for the long haul and will continue our work for many years to come.

Visit our store and see if we have something that you like. Our inventory changes a lot during the year, so check back often or call. Also check out our music section. Everything on our sight has been self-produced. The photography as well. If you like any of the graphics on our website, nothing will stop you from saving it to your device. If anything here has inspired you, show your support by using the PayPal tip jar below. In return, you will receive positive karma & good vibes. Thank you for visiting our site.

Where did this start? During the mid 1990's, I happened to advise a professor of mine at university that also served on the board of directors of a large apparel catalog. I was tasked with finding any potential risks going forward. After some thought, I saw that the growth of the internet will create a vast number of competitors and it will be important to solidify its brand nationally before it is too late. It was the mid 1990's and it was expressed to me that the CEO was very firm with his disapproval of any sort of advertising outside of the traditional catalog. Therefore, I suggested that he should present the urgency for an advertising campaign on national television and presented the rational for doing so. Within two years I saw their first commercial on primetime TV. What an awesome feeling. Of course as an adviser, I do not receive any of the credit. That's cool, one must possess mental toughness and total discretion to survive in this busness. I'm right here as I've been for many years; bringing valuable ideas to the table.

We appreciate your support! Thank you.