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Lee Martin Antle
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Wonderlust with Style

"Never Settle"
Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

We produce and offer products that will enhance life quality ! Like those old pair of jeans that are well worn but still look amazing ! :0)

Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

This is a 1970's Vista V921GR concept model. Very little is known about this guitar except that the body made from pressed wood fiber. Note: This is not the Fender Squire Vista and it is quite heavy.

Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

We love being out on the road and meeting our friends & followers !

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We love our supporters and wish all of you the Very Very Best!! Our style is an experimental mix of Blues, Jazz and Rock. Groovy tracks that can keep you company on long road trips and train commutes, but I also like to turn up the amps and Rock with a heavy back beat. Check out our work by going to our Music page and have a little fun! Hey! maybe even honor us with a purchase. That would be really cool! Thanks.

Cali Amore

by ZiggyAmore
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Lee Antle / ZiggyAmore

Intoducing Cali Amore by ZiggyAmore ! :0)

Visit our store and see if we have something that you like. Our inventory changes a lot during the year, so check back often or call. Also check out our music section. Everything on our sight has been self-produced. The photography as well. If you like any of the graphics on our website, nothing will stop you from saving it to your device. If anything here has inspired you, show your support by using the PayPal tip jar below. In return, you will receive positive karma & good vibes. Thank you for visiting our site.

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